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June 30, 2010

Travel to Your Destination in Europe

… the Alps in Switzerland, eat pasta in Italy, drink vodka in Russia, dance salsa in Spain or visit Santa in Lapland.

Europe is the new desirable destination for personal, business and student travel. When traveling, for variable reasons, one …

The History And Development Of Leeds Bradford Airport

… for car hire services and passengers, hotels and improved road links. From its rather humble beginnings as a public aerodrome the airport has become one of the major airports in the north of England providing a valuable link to Europe and beyond.

Finding Europe Vacation Home Rentals

… home rentals throughout Europe, you can often find just what you are looking for without having to worry about the process of doing so. If your next trip is to Europe, a vacation home rental is just what you need to complete it.

Choosing the Best Times to Travel to Europe

… everything is more expensive in the summer. Tourist destinations are very crowded and you will wait in lines at many attractions.

Northern Europe, with its good weather and smaller crowds, would be a good option for summer travel. Whatever season …

June 29, 2010

Use Hostel Accommodation If Travelling On A Budget

… I, as a woman traveling solo, have never encountered a problem with these arrangements, and I have stayed in hostels throughout Europe, including Rome, London and Amsterdam. Some visitors might be surprised or offended by these sleeping arrangements. …

12 World Class Restaurants To Visit In 2008

… may wish to try the 2007 list included:

1. El Bulli in Spain chosen as the World’s Best Restaurant in Europe.

2. The Fat Duck in UK which was the Chefs Choice.

3. Pierre Gagnaire in France.

June 28, 2010

Safety tips for staying in youth hostels while traveling

… Aside from choosing a reputable hostel, there are some safety tips that can help make your hostel experience a safe and pleasant one.

1. Money – When I travel in Europe, I am able to access my U.S. checking account from almost any ATM. There …

June 26, 2010

European Car Hire Part 3

… or public transport (the latter can be pricey), but car hire is essential if you want to enjoy the rest of Italy to the fullest.

Winding country …

June 25, 2010

Exploring Portugal With Car Hire

… and traditions. Portugal is a diverse land, much of which is untapped by mass tourism. Let your Portugal car hire experience take you on an exciting adventure through sophisticated, flashy marinas, time-forgotten fishing villages, enchanting cork …

Extra Flight Tax To Hit 2008 Holidays

The travel company concludes that all three islands would be affected detrimentally by any further increases in taxes on flights, and infrastructure improvements planned for the future might have to be reconsidered if the number of tourists …

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