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August 9, 2010

An Introduction to Serviced Apartments

Serviced Accommodation

An increasing area of the temporary accommodation market, especially within inner cities, is the use of serviced accommodation. Often hotels don’t have the space required for a family to comfortably stay; often it can be difficult to live in the same room as a group of other people. The expenses that are attributed to serviced apartments are often well worth it, for instance having food preparing facilities within the apartment can save vast quantities of money compared to always eating out. Serviced apartments offer separate bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and maid services, making the accommodation far more adaptable then a comparable hotel.

Serviced apartments cater and offer services for a variety of clients,

Corporate Services

Due to the great increases in business travel and its relatively lost cost it has become essential in the modern business world to provide corporate accommodation for Europe’s largest companies. There is a great demand for apartments situated in some of the most highly sort after and finest cities in the world, business properties need to combine excellent facilities with comfort, quality and convenience. Often companies are looking for quality accommodation that provides high speed broadband access and easy access to transportation routes, giving their employees the opportunity to be as successful and efficient as possible. The majority of companies that provide corporate apartments handpick the accommodation specifically for corporate clients in order to meet the specific needs of the corporate market. Location is as important for corporate clients as it is for family and leisure clients, most business clients need to be near popular business centres and often want space to entertain their own clients or look after their own workers. Apartment accommodation is often very useful to business travellers on extended trips or assignments, who need a comfortable, spacious area.

Personal & Leisure Services

Some of the most popular tourist destinations are situated in the middle of cities, for example some of the greatest tourist attractions in England are in central London, such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. If for instance you were interested in an art exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, there is a great deal of accommodation available throughout Mayfair. With a high density of commercial offices and rent prices being among some of the most expensive in the world, there is a great need for good quality, local accommodation. There are some top quality options available for anyone looking to stay in Mayfair, including the Grosvenor House Hotel which boasts one of the largest ballrooms in Europe and after the current renovations, it will sure to be one of the most spectacular. Some of the most important needs of clients looking for accommodation include adaptability, staying from one night to several months and the need for handpicked apartments offering space, great value for money and just moments away from top tourist attractions. Serviced apartments are treated like a home away from home and usually come fitted with everything a home requires, including satellite TV, cookers, ovens, fridges, freezers, showers and wardrobes. Serviced accommodation apartments are usually finished to a high standard; with high quality leather furniture, sofas and king size beds bring a quality hotel experience into a more private setting.

Relocation Services

Sometimes it can be a stressful, time consuming experience finding an appropriate place to stay whilst you are moving house, often companies with their years of relocating experience can help greatly, finding you the perfect solution. Some companies specialise in temporary houses, offering a comfortable, cost effective solutions. If you are looking for apartments in specific locations such as apartments in Kensington or Chelsea and you need a strong collection of local amenities such as shops, schools and transportation routes then there are companies that provide a fully furnished choice of apartments. If your needs are more specific then maid services and laundry services can be included with the accommodation without hidden expenses and contractual tie-ins.

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