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August 15, 2010

Cyprus Car Hire, Finding The Best Deals

Cyprus car hire can be easy or hard depending on whether you do your homework or not. If it is your first visit to Cyprus it is important to get it right first time around. There are plenty of pitfalls waiting for the unwary traveler in the car hire jungle and the hyenas are prowling ready to separate you from your hard earned holiday cash. So here are a few useful tips for the unwary Cyprus car hire novice’s amongst you.

First of all. Cyprus is hot! Yes sounds obvious I know but it may surprise you to learn that many people forget to stipulate air conditioning when they book the car. Picture the scene if you will. Three hours at a U.K. airport followed by five hours in economy class with a couple of restless kids. You arrive at the airport and it is hot!. You wait in line for your baggage and then join the happy throng of hot and bothered fellow travelers waiting to pick up their hire cars. Finally you have the keys and you drag your luggage to the car park where your chariot awaits. After squeezing those suitcases into the tiny trunk you start the car and switch on the air con. NOT! Why not? Because you took it for granted that all Cyprus car hire vehicles would have air conditioning as standard. After all it’s hot there isn’t it? You got that part right it is dammed hot in Cyprus and so will you be whenever you take a drive in your budget priced Cyprus car hire deal. Imagine getting into that sweat box after a day on the beach, the only air con you will have is the windows fully opened.

Another cracking mistake that people tend to make is when they log onto a Cyprus car hire site and forget to add the extras like C.D.W. and a fuel allowance. They then arrive tired out at the airport only to be held up at the hire desk whilst the extras are charged and the paper work is all redone. The best plan is to make sure as much of the paperwork is done online before you set off from the U.K. or where ever you are traveling from. These days Cyprus car hire online is simple and easy so there is no need to waste your valuable holiday time messing about at the airport hire desk.

Remember I said Cyprus was hot? Well it seems that apart from the air conditioning blunder there is another Cyprus car hire boo boo that comes in at number two. The lure of the cabriolet or the jinx of the jeep. The U.K. is the biggest market in all of Europe for the sale of open topped cars. Don’t you find this fact rather strange given the limited amount of sunshine that the U.K. enjoys? Therein lies the clue, the cabriolets and jeeps are great cars for cruising around in when the sun is shinning but not such a great idea when it is beating down. So if you want to burn off the top of your head or give the missus and kids sun stroke an open topped car is a great way to achieve the desired effect. It is also a great way to waste your money too because the Cyprus car hire companies will charge top price for a convertible over a saloon.

Make sure that you take not just your I.D./photocard drivers license with you but also the main counterfoil because without it you are going nowhere. All Cyprus car hire companies will now need you to produce both before you can collect your car. Make sure as well that all the details you gave online are the same as the ones on those documents. There is nothing worse than arriving on your dream Cyprus holiday only to realize that you forgot to change the address on your license and it doesn’t match your credit card address or something. Finally remember that Cyprus law requires that you carry your license with you whenever you are driving and failure to do so can result in an on the spot fine.

Take care to plan properly and there is no reason why your Cyprus car hire experience should not be a happy one. The Cypriots drive on the left and all the road signs are in english as well as Greek. Cyprus is of course an Island so getting lost should be real hard unless you really work at it. To have a great time in Cyprus and stay safe on the roads don’t take chances, book your Cyprus car hire with a professional company. Enjoy!

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