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July 16, 2010

Holiday Apartments In Barcelona: Location Is Everything

Barcelona, Spain is as irresistible a city as any of the great cities in Europe. Many of the tourists who go to Barcelona find themselves falling in love with the city and end up staying a month, a year, or even a decade. Like any other passionate relationship, however, romancing Barcelona requires time and commitment, and you cannot have either if you stay in a hotel. Hotel rates will break you, and hotel living will blind you to the city’s charms. In the end, you will realize just as countless other travelers before you have realized that the most practical way to stay longer in Barcelona is to rent a holiday apartment.

Holiday Apartments in Barcelona: A Dime a Dozen

If your goal is to indiscriminately take your pick from dozens upon dozens of holiday apartments in Barcelona, then you would not have any problems at all. Just amble down any block and talk to the first landlord you meet. If, however, your goal is to look for the best holiday apartments in Barcelona, then you would have to be a little more patient and discriminating. Barcelona neighborhoods vary, and each one has an appeal uniquely its own.

So, where do you find holiday apartments in Barcelona?

Holiday Apartments in Las Ramblas

The Ramblas is the hub of all activity in the city. If you take your pick from the holiday apartments teeming in this part of Barcelona, you will have to deal with some street noise. This is the drawback to this location. The good news is that while you’re in the Ramblas, you will literally have a finger on the pulse of the city.

Holiday Apartments in Eixample

Noise is as much a part of Eixample as it is in the Ramblas. After all, Eixample is a large neighborhood that is found just slightly north of the Ramblas. This area overflows with restaurants, big, busy roads, and trendy little stores. Holiday apartments in this part of Barcelona are edgy and have the tendency to be more expensive.

Holiday Apartments in Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona has four beaches, and they house rows upon rows of holiday apartments. This is the perfect location for those who want to avoid crowds, noise, and the temptation to splurge.

Holiday Apartments in Old Town Barcelona

The Barri Gotic quarter of Barcelona is also known by the names Old Town and the Gothic Quarter. This part of the city has streets and buildings that go a long way back in time, perhaps a thousand years, even. The area is mostly pedestrianized. Traffic is minimal because roads are very small. Unfortunately, the Gothic Quarter is so quaint it attracts much tourist attention. Lots of tourists pass through it daily.

Holiday apartments in Old Town Barcelona have quaint charm. Additionally, if you pick one of the holiday apartments in this part of the city, you will find yourself living in a very historic and charming neighborhood.

Still Confused Over the Location?

If you still haven’t decided which neighborhood you want to live in, here’s a general rule of thumb. If you hate noise, avoid staying in the Eixample and the Ramblas. Avoid major roads, too. Moreover, choose an apartment with double glazing. Finally, to minimize the noise that reaches you, pick apartments that are as high above the ground as possible. This tip, however, may not always prove advantageous. Many of the holiday apartments in Barcelona do not have lifts and an apartment perched so high will be very exhausting to go home to daily.

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