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July 29, 2010

More than just hotels: Youth hostels, couch surfing and more

Youth Hostels

Calling all couch potatoes. Stand-up, walk to your computer, sit down, and dream for a moment. Where in this great big world do you want to travel to? Chose your favorite destination. Decide how many days and how many cities you want to visit. Okay, maybe you have a lap-top so all you couch-potatoes can just lay there and cruise the net, but you still need to dream. Ready, set, go, lets do some traveling.

Now do a search for hotels in the cities you want to visit. Search for the cheapest with the best locations.

Are you ready for a surprise?

Now do a search for hostels in these same cities. You have just saved hundreds of dollars, if you stay in a youth hostel. Sound to good to believe, it`s true.

Youth hostels have been popular for traveling students for at least fifty years. Staying in youth hostels were the only way to see Europe in the 50`s-60`s for the average college students. They were called youth hostels then, now hostels are not just for the young, they accept all ages, from young teens to the elderly. Some hostels may not accept young children, but check first as many have no restrictions. Hostels are now popular all over this wonderful world.

Making reservations for a hostel is just like making reservations for a hotel. The nice thing in this day and age is the inter-net service. Booking a hostel on line you are able to get a description of the property and the room, see photos, reserve the nights you want, and can see if it is available for the dates you choose. It will also show the price and show which nights are more expensive. Thats a great way to save some money, stay a night or two during the week and maybe save yourself some money.

Not only will staying in a youth hostel save you some money, but instead of just going to your room in a hotel, turning on the t.v. You will find that hostels are a wonderful place to meet people from all over the world. Most hostels have a common area for guests to play card, play guitars, visit, and just in general have fun meeting other travelers. Most hostels also have a kitchen for your use. This can be a great money saver and fun way to interact with other guests.

Happy Hosteling.

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