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August 20, 2010

Review on Turkey hotels. How to find out which hotels in Turkey are really good?

As Europe seems to be the most favorite travel destination for Americans after Mexico perhaps, where do Europeans like to spend their holiday nowadays ? The answer is quite obvious: it’s Europe again and more precisely its Southern part. Spain, Portugal, France and Italy have been all time favorites among European holidaymakers for years. However new travel destinations emerged in the Southeastern part of Europe over the last decades such as Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Their picturesque Mediterranean coastal line, preserved natural resources and rich cultural heritage waiting to be discovered have made them preferred and beloved travel destinations for many travelers.Turkey among those three countries clearly stands out as the most diverse one, carrying all the characteristics needed to become a year around destination – oriental charm, vast territory, wild nature, the longest coastal line and amazing inland attractions. Turkish government has made enormous contributions to the development of the tourism sector, making it a prior for the economy. People who already had the chance to visit this lovely country are truly surprised by the quality of hotel accommodation and services they receive during their stay as well as struck by people’s hospitality and the rich delicious cousin.

Let’s say Turkey is an unknown or a long-haul destination for you, but anyway you’re eager to visit it. Have you ever wondered how are you going to arrange your trip? How much the local travel agency is going to charge you? How is your travel budget doing in a situation of a global economy crisis?More and more people nowadays prefer to plan their business or vacation trip by booking their hotel accommodation online .Numerous websites will allure you with slogans like ‘cheap hotel accommodation’, ‘discount hotels’, ‘lowest prices 100 % guaranteed’, etc. but only few of them are able to offer comprehensive and professional quality services . In order to get reasonable hotel prices, quality booking services and protect yourself against dishonestor deceitful websites, you need to refer to companies who have local representatives and have established long term partnership withlocal hotels.

Such a website I recently encountered is Turkey hotels I have made a small research among travelers that already used their services in order too see if it’s not the next fraudulent website. There are plenty of ways to do that like for example, etc. Not really impressed at first by the outer look of the website, I was kind of surprised by the positive responses I received. It’s not a common thing when you hear commentaries like theseā€¦

‘The service was good, efficient and reliable. We believe that we would again use their services and highly recommend to our friends. ‘ Tareq Alhusseini;‘I think the services were excellent. I am sure whenever I come back to Turkey they will be the first to contact.’ Dr. Muhi Al-Khayat; ‘First of all rapid and clear answers, good range and selections, acceptable prices, a good car and driver took us safely to the airport in due time. We are glad to say that we will be back to their services for our next visit to Turkey.’Bjorn E. Klyve.

Those few lines were good enough to provoke my interest and I had to find out more about this website and what it can offer more than what is visible from first site. The website is owned by a local travel agency that surprisingly has managed for the few years into practice (in business since 2001) to establish an image of a credible and professional online accommodation seller. The booking process with them takes only a minute or two and five minutes or so to receive a confirmation e-mail, payment details and a hotel voucher. It all proves to be quite convenient for the customer. The website provides a quick access to hundreds of hotels in Turkey’s most worth visiting cities such as Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Bursa, Canakkale, Cappadocia, Cesme, Efes, Fethiye, Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Pamukkale. Additionally you can book extra services like airport pick-ups and drop-offs as well as various tours and daily trips in a destination of your choice. You can pay your hotel accommodation online very easily with your Visa or MasterCard, or via bank/wire transfer.

Beside the detail hotel information, photo galleries and the convenience of the price comparison function and last-minute availability, the actual reason why people prefer arranging their travel needs through this particular website remains the local expertise, professional and prompt customer response as well as the special price offers they can only receive there.

Since you are able to go through and compare all hotel rates, amenities and services available, you can make a better decision for yourself which hotel offers those accommodation facilities and services that suits best your needs and which one offers the most reasonable price that suits your budget. But don’t fool yourself that choice is always that easy. This is where the local experts and your personal trip advisers come in hand. Once getting in touch with them you’ll soon find out that their help is invaluable. Those people are with a pile of experience in their pocket, and what do you know, they have actually been there where you’re going and can make the best offer and proposals that you’ll most certainly take advantage of.

Another pleasant feature of the website is the ‘ask for a special discount’ option, which honestly not many website are willing to give. The free airport transfer promotion is another efficient customer service. If you book a certain minimum number of nights at the selected hotel they will provide a complementary free of charge transport from airport to hotel (pick-up) or from hotel to airport (drop-off) or both depending on the number of nights booked. For example: Stay 3 nights get one way transfer, Stay 5 nights get two ways transfer! If you have booked less you can still book airport transfer at a minor additional charge. Transfers are available in every city.

It might be a good idea to revisit the website on a regular basis since database is being updated with new hotels and prices each day. You may also check for new exciting promotions and special price offers available only for a limited period of time. The website claims also to offer the best special prices for Standard and Sea View rooms plus Suites in Turkey.

So after all said and done, my observations come to the conclusion that booking hotels online can be indeed very easy, cost effective and even enjoyable. You don’t have to get yourself disappointed each time by saying ‘The last time I had to book a hotel online it was a nightmare’. You just have to know whom you can really trust and who will come up to and maybe go a further step beyond your expectations. So my advice is: if you want to save on your time and money pick up only websites that offer quality services, local assistance and 24/7 customer support like Turkey hotels

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