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May 24, 2010

Should Americans be forced to use public transportation?

It is the need, the price and the convenience that will change our habits, if the public transportation system is adequate, reliable and a saving to the alternative. So far, however, only a few major cities in our country have an adequate bus and rail system to even allow us a choice! Anyone living outside of these major metropolitan centers will never be able to choose.

Time is of essence, time to get everyone ready to leave the house in the morning, husband, wife, children, ready and equipped for the day, for work, daycare, school, all heading in opposite geographical directions. Most families own at least 2 cars for that reason, to drop off the kids, get to work on time, needing the car to take the children to various sports or other after school events, pick up the dry cleaning, shop for groceries, etc

Now, how would that lifestyle be feasible with public transportation?

Maybe one parent could use public transportation, leaving all the other chores to the other parent with the car. That would be a transition from a 2 car household to a one car household, in a country of our size it would greatly impact our use of gasoline and reduce pollution. There would be a saving for the family in exorbitant car, repairs, gasoline and insurance costs, which might be affording the family a nice vacation in the country or wherever they choose to go.

Compared to Europe and Japan, the public transportation system in the US is almost non existent. Why, because the infrastructure is very different. Our country has some congested metropolitan areas scattered over vast expanses of country side.

If the family with 2 parents chooses to survive with one car, then there should be a tax incentive from the government, to encourage us to change our habits that would be much more effective than any other alternatives.

Then a question arises! How interested are our leaders in reducing our dependency on foreign oil and the impact on the environment! Our current president and his family have made and still are living with the proceeds of the oil industry they invested in decades ago.

If our citizens are forced to use the public transportation system available today in this country, our economy will come to a halt. Now, what wonderful purpose would that serve, none whatsoever, not only that it just will ever happen, because families have to survive! They have to get to work on time, school on time, to the in-laws on time.

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