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July 7, 2010

A List Of The Top Travel Destinations In Europe

… in southwest Berlin, the historic center of Mitte, and lovely Prenzlauer Berg located in the northeast.

Additional destinations in Europe that are quite popular among travelers include:

Vienna: Often referred to as one …

July 6, 2010

How and why the British food culture has changed

… is a well known fact that British cuisine and the cooking abilities of the average Briton are widely mocked, especially on Continental Europe, but is this attitude justified?

Without a doubt: yes, I believe it most certainly is. There are of …

July 5, 2010

Food & wine: How to pair the right wine with your meal

… wine, but in fact you can’t go too far wrong when you match food and wine from the same region.

In Europe, food and wine matches have developed over hundreds of years and make perfect combinations.

4. Tannin has a bitter taste and …

July 4, 2010

Foods and spices native to the Caribbean

… types are mostly imports from the mainland Americas, although a few, such as lentils, were originally brought over from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Kidney beans, lentils, black beans, and black-eyed peas are all commonly used in Caribbean cuisine, …

June 24, 2010

Restaurant reviews: Wendys

… straws, and other helpful items are all located fairly close to where you received your food towards the front of the restaurant.

The price of the food is affordable. For a medium or large drink, fries, and a bacon cheeseburger expect to pay …

June 14, 2010

Food items that define Deli in the United States

The word deli is short for delicatessen, which is a German word used to describe foods which are considered delicacies. In Europe, delicatessen items are luxury foods, but in America delicatessen fare is best described as comfort food which has …

June 5, 2010

Medieval food history

… were not nobility, but also separated the working class from the peasantry.

Food in medieval times was quite literally “feast or famine” for most of Europe. The medieval period or Middle Ages spans a period of approximately 1000 years of …

June 4, 2010

Best German restaurants in New York City

… stomach and make reservations. They have the best potato pancakes in town, while the staff dresses in traditional German garb.

Heidelberg Restaurant

(212) 628-2332

1648 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10028

Web Address: www. …

May 31, 2010

How To Get The Most From Budget Travel In Europe

… ballet.

Listed below are some of our all time favorite tips for saving money on a vacation in Europe (or anywhere else for that matter):

- Eat where the locals eat. Eating with the local people instead of the tourists is a great …

Law: Doggie Dining bill

… to determine it’s future status. The original sponsor of the bill is Representative Sheri McInvale of the Orlando district. In Europe, doggie dinning is common, such as in France, dogs routinely dine out with their masters. Prior to this ‘doggie …

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