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June 10, 2010

A brief history of Spanish food ingredients

… as a distinctive archtectural style that can still be clearly seen in southern Spain. While Spain, with the rest of Europe, still lingered in the benighted Middle Ages, the Arabs brought mathematics, literature, philosophy and music, along with many …

May 16, 2010

Taste differences found between Central and South American food

… as Pork, beef, rice, wines and brandies and a variety of herbs native to Europe. They introduced the cooking techniques of smoking and marinating to preserve food for long journeys. They also brought the tradition of sealing mixtures of meat and …

May 8, 2010

A fast food observation

… chargrilled meat sticks known locally as “brochettes” (not to be confused with the bread snack of the same name found in Europe).

Typical interior of an Automat. This one was built in New York in 1930, at the height of their popularity.

April 29, 2010

Is it appropriate to ask for a doggie bag in Europe?

… heard of them.

For the majority of the time asking for a doggy bag is acceptable in almost every location in Europe. Restaurants equivalent to the sort of places in the United States that doggy bags are used in are equally appropriate in …

April 16, 2010

Are the most expensive restaurants in the world worth their price tags?

… in this world, with most coming from countries such as U.S.A, Canada, and countries in Europe. It is not surprising that the most expensive restaurants are also found in these countries.

Considering everything that a restaurant

April 15, 2010

Amsterdam Restaurants

… with a special menu for kids. They have 2 locations. The location on nuewespiegalstrat also serves lunch.

De L’Europe Restaurant – one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants under chef Jean-Jacques Menanteau’s Michelin-star cuisine, and …

April 14, 2010

The problem with speaking only in English when traveling in Europe

… Sally and I had been doing our tourist stroll when we were hailed by shipmate acquaintances seated on the sidewalk porch of a seaside restaurant. They insisted that we join them for a glass of wine.

Since none of them spoke French, I started …

April 7, 2010

What is your favorite ethnic style of food and why?

… .

In the seventeenth century, this tip of the continent became the crossroads of trade routes plying between Europe and the East – resulting in a mixture of cultures living together. They often blended and produced unique new dishes that …

April 2, 2010

Better fast food choices from around the world

For the potato fans, Pommes Frites’, with mayonnaise, are a must try many say the national fast-food of Belgium – and now common across northern and central Europe. They are slim, crispy and hard to resist.

A hotdog? Forget it: Try German …

March 31, 2010

Which countrys food is the best? Why?

… while on leave from the military, I was not impressed as much with the flavor of the foods served as I was with the service while I was stationed in Europe and that I received in Europe. German waiters and waitresses were always polite and helpful …

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