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June 18, 2010

Exquisite Nature of Dining Tables

… . Europe and America, however, have had and dining chairs as far as anyone can remember. It is in Europe, perhaps, that the tradition of having a dining table originated in the first place. It is the urban societies everywhere that have taken to …

June 5, 2010

Medieval food history

… were not nobility, but also separated the working class from the peasantry.

Food in medieval times was quite literally “feast or famine” for most of Europe. The medieval period or Middle Ages spans a period of approximately 1000 years of …

June 4, 2010

Best German restaurants in New York City

… stomach and make reservations. They have the best potato pancakes in town, while the staff dresses in traditional German garb.

Heidelberg Restaurant

(212) 628-2332

1648 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10028

Web Address: www. …

May 31, 2010

How To Get The Most From Budget Travel In Europe

… ballet.

Listed below are some of our all time favorite tips for saving money on a vacation in Europe (or anywhere else for that matter):

- Eat where the locals eat. Eating with the local people instead of the tourists is a great …

May 21, 2010

Processed Foods Market: Major Contributor to The Indian Economy

… in the region. This indicates that a large number of Indian immigrants dwell in the region. A major chunk of ethnic food consumption in Europe is taken over by Chinese food, whereas Mexican and Indian foods take a backseat in this part of the world …

May 16, 2010

Taste differences found between Central and South American food

… as Pork, beef, rice, wines and brandies and a variety of herbs native to Europe. They introduced the cooking techniques of smoking and marinating to preserve food for long journeys. They also brought the tradition of sealing mixtures of meat and …

April 29, 2010

Is it appropriate to ask for a doggie bag in Europe?

… heard of them.

For the majority of the time asking for a doggy bag is acceptable in almost every location in Europe. Restaurants equivalent to the sort of places in the United States that doggy bags are used in are equally appropriate in …

April 14, 2010

The problem with speaking only in English when traveling in Europe

… Sally and I had been doing our tourist stroll when we were hailed by shipmate acquaintances seated on the sidewalk porch of a seaside restaurant. They insisted that we join them for a glass of wine.

Since none of them spoke French, I started …

April 7, 2010

What is your favorite ethnic style of food and why?

… .

In the seventeenth century, this tip of the continent became the crossroads of trade routes plying between Europe and the East – resulting in a mixture of cultures living together. They often blended and produced unique new dishes that …

April 5, 2010

Issues surrounding genetically enhanced foods

… , massive corporate growth, and threaten the vital diversification of global crops required to feed a growing populace.

In Europe at least, these green fears are prevalent, leading several European Union (EU) nations to ban the production and …

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