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July 17, 2010

Tips for buying a dining room hutch

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Dining room hutches are commonly known in Europe as buffets, or more traditionally in the United Kingdom as Dressers. These are the complimentary furnishings that blend in with the dining room table and chairs to give extra storage and also classic style to the dining room, which is why the choice that a buyer makes is essential to the finished look of the room itself.

A hutch is a piece of furniture that people notice, and if the wrong choice is made, the dining room loses it’s intended character and ends up looking like a combination of styles, bought at different stages in the development of the room itself.






In the planning stages of buying a hutch, it is important to decide what functionality you want that piece of furniture to perform. Here, many are bought to show off that nice china, though practical users may want to use the cupboard and drawer space to house those items needed in the formal setting of the dining table.

Functionality is everything, since although the piece of furniture may look very classy in a shop environment, will it serve the purpose for which you need it at home. It’s a case of thinking with the head rather than the heart, in deciding the purpose for which you want to buy a hutch, and thought in this direction before even looking at the shops will help sway your decision in a manner that is beneficial.


From traditional hardwood Tudor style, right through the range available, the hutch should be blended in with dining table and other furniture within the room. Many hutches are used to store alcohol and glasses, while others are used for the storage of plates and best china, though the style is what matters and the matching a blending of wood types to enhance the room makes a difference.

If trying for a country look, the Welsh Dressers in light colored Pine are great, although there are different variations on the same theme, meaning that not all pine finished items have the same color effect. Here, if at all possible, take a photo of your existing suite to try and blend and recognize the same pine finish. The antique pine tends to be more yellow in finish while the Californian pine has a lighter tinge.

Crest topped hutches look rather splendid in the shop, though it is important to think about how it would go with your existing furnishings, since in a room with low ceilings, these tend to look rather overpowering. Glass or wood cupboards is another

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