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August 26, 2010

To See Blackpool UK’s Hidden Secret – The Best Way To Travel Car Hire Blackpool Airport

Blackpool is one of the most popular destination for families wanting exciting thrills and fun. Visitors come to the area either through the airport where they arrange a car hire Blackpool airport, or drive there after arranging a car hire UK from other areas.

The Pleasure Beach Blackpool is home to the fastest and tallest roller coaster in all of Europe, as well as the longest indoor water slide in the entire world. They have climbing walls at the Central Gateway for those wanting a physical challenge.

Blackpool is also where the Blackpool Tower and Circus is housed, and superstars are immortalized in wax at the Waxworks museum. When you arrange a car hire Blackpool is easily accessible from all areas of the UK along the M55 and the motorway network.

When visiting towards the end of the summer, Blackpool Illuminations are the best way to experience a light show in the world. Festival of Light has been an annual celebration in the area since 1879. The “Artificial Sunshine” provided gives a warm glow to the cold October evenings. This combination of light and art create an entertaining and illuminating experience. The best way to view the lights is by a car ride through the streets, keeping warm while scouting which activities will be fun to try. Then take a short walk through to inspire the mind at the displays, and return to the warm car.

Be sure to choose a B&B or hotel close to the displays, as the view will provide the best picture opportunities as you return at night. Then October visitors can tour a Ghost filled Grand Theater, the Blackpool Zoo, or the Opera House. Learn what a ghost is with Richard Felix, or have a Clairvoyant Evening, Overnight Ghost Walk with Iam Lawman, or a coach trip to Derby Gaol, Pendle Hill, or Lancaster Castle.

If haunted fun is not in your radar of holiday activities, expand your cultural experience through one of the many theaters and ballrooms with historical significance.

Blackpool is a also great place to gain access to all different sorts of UK visitor attractions. Just a short drive away one can find the rambling countryside of Lanashire, the inspiration for Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Then drive to the culture capital of Europe found in Liverpool. The southern border is home to the county of Cheshire where visitors experience Roman and Medieval heritage. Manchester is a great shopping area, also accessible by drive. The nightlife here bustles into the morning hour.

Blackpool is a great starting place for travel through the northwest areas of England. The quite manageable airport allows travelers to arrange for car hire and get around its terminals for heading to other destinations. The family oriented theme parks and activities are appealing to all ages, and the evening activities can entertain romance and excitement.

This ‘gateway to the northwest’ has the ability to process more than 2 million visitors per year, and has re-designed its facilities to include a Gateway Tourist Information Center. One can find food outlets, currency exchanges, car hire locations, and an executive lounge. This airport is a wonderful welcome to the city that families from all over the world can enjoy.

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