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August 23, 2010

Why women should avoid red dye in food

Women should avoid red dyes at all costs because they can cause a host of mysterious health problems. Red dyes are only one of many colors of artificial additives that are being used today to make foods look more appealing, but in reality make them much less appealing. For example, one kind of red dye is even made from bugs! Whoever the weirdo’s are who thought this one up, they catch a million pretty beetles that turn bright red just before mating to make one tiny ounce of red dye from their ground up shells. This dye is most commonly used for lipstick and medication coating. So even though it is not used in foods directly we will most likely still be ingesting it. How delicious.

Food manufacturers are preying on our ignorance’s. (And poor little beetles apparently.) Many other countries have banned artificial colorings for many reasons, one of which is that most are derived from coal tar. Studies have linked them to a number of health problems. Initially many people thought these products could cause cancers, but other studies have supposedly disproved that. However, adverse reactions ARE quite common and include everything from stomach pain and vomiting to migraine headaches. Yet somehow, in America our FDA sees no problem, deems them safe, and allows there use in a slew of products from candy to cosmetics. Further research on the FDA and products they allow in the US market will disturb you. But please do the research, so you can see for yourself and really understand the depth of the lies in the dyes they are feeding us. Most Americans believe that the FDA puts the consumer first and regulates our products to keep them safe. So who needs to read labels, right? Would they put it in there if it wasn’t safe? Apparently so! We blindly ASSUME everything is safe, and that is what the manufacturers are banking on! There are hundreds of thousands of dyes and chemical additives that Europe does not allow in their products. Both products that they make for us and that we send them. The same products we use here, only here we use these cheaper petrochemical based ingredients. In Europe they make the same things for a very comparable price yet only a safer less controversial way. Many foods I eat that are red and do not contain one of the 40 artificial red dyes are often colored with beet extract (not beet-les) Sure does seem like it would be easier to gather beets than beetles, and therefore cheaper. But I don’t see much logic in using red 40 any way you shake

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